The Village of Pointe au Baril and the Community: The village is a mainland settlement community on the east shore of Georgian Bay in the Township of the Archipelago, District of Parry Sound, Northern Ontario. By car the community is about 2.5 hours north of Toronto, 1.5 hours south of Sudbury and 30 minutes north of Parry Sound, the district government, services and shopping center. The village services a seasonal recreation population estimated at about 8,000 people who vacation in the area in predominantly water access cottages and lodges. The village is a pro forma for many rural communities in northern Ontario, except the affluent summer community has historically funded significant community projects. The winter community of some 300 is predominantly owners of the construction and marina businesses that service the summer population and retirees from Southern Ontario who have priced the cost of village housing beyond the reach of the marina and construction workers. Working families now commute to work, just like large urban areas. The limited numbers of modest priced, non-water front homes that come available are generally sub-standard and expensive to heat. Conventional mortgage lenders, like the banks will not support the purchase of these homes. The community does not have natural gas service; electricity, propane and wood are the home heating fuel sources.

The Plan: The village and seasonal residents, with strong support from the Township, in step with the Official Plan to increase village densification, want to lead on creating affordable housing opportunities so that working families can live and work in the community. In 2018, working with Habitat for Humanity -Ontario Gateway North (HFH-OGN), the Pointe au Baril Adopt-A-Home team plans to build a high performance, simple, three bedroom family home to be sold to an area employed, inadequately housed family. HFH-OGN will manage the process of family selection, support the family and provide a 20 year no interest mortgage. The families principal and property tax payment is limited to 25% of annual adult family income. The annual family minimum income base will be around $35K and the down payment is 500 hours of volunteer HFH-OGN labour. Habitat partner families get a hand up, not a hand out.

A high performance, all electric, home can have annual light, heat and power cost one third the cost of standard code built homes. The incremental cost of high performance building can be low, especially with volunteer labour, but over 20 years can save the family $40 to $50,000. The building plans will be available at no charge to others and will support community green energy conservation programs offered by organizations like the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, Canadore College and the Ontario electricity program htts://

The home will be built largely by volunteers recruited from the seasonal, village, First Nations, educational and business communities. From mid June to the end of August the plan is for 600 volunteer days of community service. After cottage season and the wind down of the construction season more of the volunteer help will be from the year-round community. Licenced trades will be hired as required for work like electrical, plumbing, etc. The $200,000 cost of the build will be funded by cash, in kind and donated goods and services. The building lot (Morels), development costs (Township of the Archipelago) and environmental assessment costs (Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve) have already been donated.

Why support this Habitat for Humanity project:
o Village residents and islanders will be donating time, efforts and finances for a common cause of helping to grow their relationships while helping a new family in the Village. This project will encourage new relationships in many ways
o Giving to this Habitat build is a unique life changing experience people worldwide have grown to respect and support.
o Volunteering time and talents affords an opportunity to make new friends, learn a new skill, while helping the village with new energy efficient and affordable housing.
o An enduring way to honour your family and friends with a gift from the heart.
o Your donation has a compound effect. A family gets a decent affordable home, The village can leverage the positive effect of growth, new relationships between village residents, First Nation and islanders are made and our youth participate in a helping others experience.

Beyond 2018: There are village opportunities for additional off-water lot home development for families and an independent living seniors lodge. Additionally, needs for volunteers to address substandard home maintenance in the village may be addressed through future Habitat for Humanity Rehab projects.
The Ask: Donations are needed to get the build underway. Donations can be made in many ways. Cash to buy building materials, donations of service and materials that are integral to the home, like cabinets, flooring, sponsoring a bedroom, appliances, power tools and volunteering to help build. We will be building Wednesday through Monday each week of summer.
Book your own special build day for your social group, neighbours, island crew including mom and dad, children over 16, sons, daughters and in laws, school, business or organization. A group donation gets a fun, construction day, a picnic lunch and snacks and the feeling that I learned something, meet new friends and we help a family needing a hand up.

Habitat Ontario Gateway North requires that all Adopt-A-Home projects accumulate a substantial part of the house total cost before letting the building process start.

Please go to the DONATE NOW documents on this website.