Canada Day

Canada Day 2017 Surplus Funds
Community Consultation/Town Hall

Thanks to our generous donors and our great volunteers, the PaB Canada Day 150 Group was able to present a wonderfully successful Canada Day celebration in 2017.  After supporting all our activities and the production of the “Pointe To The East” video and the sale of nearly 1,000 copies of the video on USB, we have a surplus of approximately $12,000.

While fundraising, we made a commitment to our donors that any surplus would remain in the PaB community and be used for community and charitable purposes. With this promise in mind, we wanted to make sure the distribution of this significant sum of money was done thoughtfully and with transparency. Toward this end, the Planning Group designated its four-member Executive (Anna Allevato, Tom Lundy, Muriel McKee, Cindy Pulchinski) as the trustees of the Canada Day 150 surplus funds. The Trustees were tasked with the responsibility of canvassing community groups and individuals for their input, and, with making the final determination on how the surplus funds would be disbursed keeping in mind our promise to our donors to keep funds in and for our PAB community.

The Town Hall community consultation held Feb. 3, 2018 was the first step in the funds disbursement process. Minutes of that consultation are posted below.

FEBRUARY 3, 2018

(Anna Allevato, Tom Lundy, Muriel McKee, Cindy Pulchinski)

Purpose of Meeting – Invite members of the PaB community to share ideas on how best to utilize the surplus proceeds from the Canada Day 2017 for the benefit of the greater community.

Treasurers Report – revenue in = $34,573.42. Expenses = $21, 263.38. Bank balance = $13,310.04 . Outstanding expenses = $678.00. Surplus Funds = $12, 632.04.

Canada Day 150 planning group has folded having fulfilled its mandate. They did agree to appoint the four executives as trustees of the funds to manage decisions of disbursement of surplus funds. This is not a charitable organization, that would require Federal approval.

Representatives from various community groups involved in fundraising for their respective interests were solicited for potential fund considerations. The following groups stated they did not need money: Florence Church, Arts on the Bay, Bottle Drive, Snowmobile Club, Seniors Group.

The following suggestions were given for consideration of funds:
-extra tint on community centre windows at top to cut glare for pickleball
-shelter/gazebo at cemetery ($3,000 estimate)
-park benches for area near new children’s playground
-donation toward new community centre chairs
-donation toward air conditioning for community centre
-habitat for humanity
-donation toward fireworks for Canada Day 2018
-donation toward “raise the roof” fund. TOA is holding donated funds of $4,335 towards this.  Matt French and David Penfold have spearheaded efforts for “raise the roof” fundraising in the past and currently have $11,500 in the fund. A covered outdoor recreation complex will lend itself to many activities and uses in the community.
-shelter/heated storage for fire pump at rink and change room ($8,000 est)
-seed money to start potential Canada Day 2018 fund
-community Christmas party – $2,000 would be helpful
-seniors – require gifts 2x year for euchre tournament

Additional comments:
-Bottle Drive to be incorporated with Province (approx cost $4,000).
-what do Islanders want? How do we get their feedback?
-Matt French and David Penfold volunteered to organize a group for fundraising for the
“outdoor recreation complex”
-suggestions were made for representatives from the various fundraising groups meet annually
to discuss planned activities. This may afford better planning for groups to be more efficient in
fundraising and help reduce “donor fatigue” in community.
_groups want to retain their own control rather than pool fundraising

Next Steps – the Trustees will consider the suggestions and decide how to disburse the funds.

How will Pointe au Baril Celebrate Canada Day 2018!?  

Are you interested in sharing ideas, helping to make it happen?   Let us know.  What about taking the first step – putting out a call to initiate the conversation?  We’re happy to offer the help of this website and our community’s facebook page to put out a call inviting folks to come together to share ideas.  Contact us at