Artisan Vendors

pointe au baril 150 logoThanks to all of the Artisan Vendors participating in our Canada Day event.


Joanne Barnes Rustic crafts
Tom Besner Wood furniture/products
Joan Emery Paintings (of local interest)
Laurine Emery Georgian Bay Custom embroidery
Florence Universal Church Quilt
Cathy Emery Grissom Comfortable home sewing
Julie Higman Cute crafts for the home
Gary Jackson Forever in Stone (signs)
Elsie Kelly Home-made children’s clothing
Lauralee Kennedy Nostalgic collectables & candy
Wendy King Vintage clothes & fun fur crafts
Nancy Ley Baby blankets, knitting & paper crafts
Marg Miner Pine needle baskets & other crafts
Kathy Morrison Recycled/reclaimed knitting
Deb Myers & David Montgomery Woodworking & Canadian crafts
Debbie Reid Jewellery & Pampered Chef
Audrey Tobobondung Leather Crafts & Raku Pottery