Community Centre Re-Opens!

We’re so delighted to announce the re-opening of our Community Centre in PaB!!

The official word from the Township is that our Community Centre is open!  Greg Mariotti, Manager of Operational Services, advised last week that activities, events, meetings, etc. can be resumed.  It is hoped that the contractors will have the system for the main hall completed next week. Installation of the new system has been completed for all other rooms including Library, offices, and meeting room.

Currently the Centre is staffed Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays only (with some flexibility to accommodate special requests).  Dave Nicksey is the new temporary staff person.  The plan is to have the Centre open full time.

The Pointe au Baril Community Centre is home to a public library, a small multi-purpose meeting room and a large event hall. The local community makes regular use of the Community Centre to host a variety of events.  For bookings and rental information contact the Centre at 705-366-2515.  Rental forms are available online at online at






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