Family Selection





Homeowner Application Pre-Screening Questions

Should I apply? Many families are unsure if they qualify for Habitat home-ownership.  Pre-screening questions ask potential applicants to verify their basic qualification before passing them to Family Selection for the application process.

Things You Should Know:
o   No down payment and mortgage is interest free.
o   Monthly mortgage and property tax do not exceed more than 25% of the       family’s gross income.
o   Family is required to provide 500 volunteer hours known as Sweat Equity prior to purchasing the home.
o   Mandatory attendance at homeowner education sessions (for credit & budgeting counseling, home maintenance courses, etc.)

Do Not Qualify:
o   If you are in the process of bankruptcy and have not been discharged
o   If your only family income is from Social Assistance

SECTION 1 – General Background
1.     Have you been living in the area of Parry Sound up the bay coast to Britt for more than one year?
Yes      No
2.     If you have ever declared bankruptcy, has it been 2 years since your      discharge?
N/A      Yes      No

If you answered YES to question 1 and Yes or N/A to question 2, please proceed to Section 2.

If you answered NO to questions 1 and/or 2, you may not be eligible at this time to become a Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North Partner Family.

SECTION 2 – Ability to Pay
3.     How many people are there in your immediate family? _______________

4.     What is the gross monthly income (before taxes and deductions) for each adult applicant in your family?

Total Household Monthly Income
Applicant 1 :        $ ____________________
Applicant 2:        $ ____________________
18+ Years & up: $ ____________________

Grand Total:        $ ____________________

5.     25% of your gross monthly income is: ________________________
(Multiply Total Gross Monthly Income by 0.25)

6.     40% of your gross monthly income is: ________________________
(Multiply Total Gross Monthly Income by 0.40)

7.     What is your total monthly housing cost (Rent, Heat, Hydro and Insurance)?

8.     What are your total monthly payments (Car loan, Personal Loan, Student Loan, Credit Card Payment and any other debt payment)?

9.     Does your gross monthly income fall within the income range guidelines  of $25,000 to $75,000?
YES _____         NO_____

If NO, please explain:

If you answered YES to question 9, then proceed to Section 3.  If you answered NO to question 9, please explain your situation further.

SECTION 3 – Standard of Current Housing
10.     Do you live in unsafe or unhealthy conditions?
Yes      No

11.     Do you live in overcrowded conditions? (More than 2 children in a bedroom, parents sharing with a child, parents without a bedroom)
Yes      No

12.     Are you inadequately housed, e.g., you have no kitchen, bedrooms,  etc.
Yes      No

13.    Do you currently pay more than 40% of monthly income on housing and monthly payments (see questions 7 & 8)?

If you answered YES to questions 10 and 11 and any of 12 or 13, you should apply.

Send Name and contact information to:
Habitat for humanity Ontario Gateway North
117A-505 Muskoka Rd., 118W
Bracebridge, ON P1P 1T4
Phone: (705) 646-0106